Big Brody vs Tyrone Bump – Celebrity Boxing


Just last week internet star Tyrone signed a contract to fight fellow funnyman Big Brody. The two bickered online for months before they both appeared on VladTV to discuss their issues with one another. Now on Saturday, February 20th 2016, the two viral stars will go head-to-head in the ring and find out whose the toughest social media personality between them. “It’s going down. It as in Tyrone,” said Big Brody. “You already know I can’t stand him. I’m [going to] rip him apart. Be there.” The match will take place in the Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, Pennsylvania, and per usual will be hosted by Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

Tyrone: I’ll Fight Big Brody For $100K In Celeb Boxing Match

In this VladTV exclusive, Vine star Naphil Hitson, popularly known as Tyrone, cleared up rumors regarding his fight with Big Brody and how much it would take for him to step into the ring with the fellow social media star.

Although a lot of fans believed his encounter with Brody in July was staged, Tyrone insists it was real. At first, he believed Brody was a fan and it was all a joke. When he saw Brody ripping off his shirt, he and his friends squared up immediately. Tyrone says the fight was merely a real battle since members from each entourage were trying to break them up. During the scuffle, one of his friends lost a chain, valued at $1,500.

Tyrone believes the fight happened because Brody wanted to be famous. He hasn’t spoke to him since the fight, but says Brody’s social media presence increased greatly after Tyrone addressed him on Instagram. He says he doesn’t knock Brody for his actions, since he believes the New Jersey native needs to feed his family.

When it comes to taking their beef into the ring, Tyrone says he’s open to a boxing match with Brody– for the right price. The Vine star says he’ll fight Brody for $100,000 and will even train with Jack Thriller, who is slated to fight 40 Glocc in an upcoming celebrity boxing match.

Big Brody Details Doing Jail Time & Beef with Tyrone

Vine star Big Brody spoke exclusively to VladTV about getting his social media star status rolling while on a search for Tyrone, whom Brody believes actually slept with his now ex-wife.

Big Brody told us that while his ex denied sleeping with Tyrone, the Vine star says she didn’t give a good enough excuse, and he added that she was always a little loose. When asked why he would wife up a loose woman, he explained that he met his ex after doing a jail bid for “drug beef,” and Big Brody said things initially felt good with his new love.

During the conversation Big Brody also spoke about the reality of his videos, as he explained that the altercations actually could have gotten him in “a lot of trouble,” which you can hear more about above.



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