Shotty Horror had his last ever battle at Don’t Flop, in London a couple weeks ago..SHOTTY HORROH VS CHARLIE CLIPS | Don't Flop Rap Battle 1.jpeg

Shotty Horroh is a rapper from Manchester, he has been in the rap battle game since 2011. He is considered by many to be the best battler in the UK. His unique blend of URL style threats, chillling word play and sharp freestyling ability make him one of the most internationally respected battlers of Don’t Flop.

Charlie Clips is a Battle rapper from Harlem, New York. Widely credited as one of the best Battle Rappers to date. Charlie Clips is known for his record of battles, in which he has beaten the majority of his competitors, or stalemated them in his battles.

The Battle was Based over 3 rounds in which i believe Charlie Clips won over the London crowd and ending up beating Shotty 2-1 taking the last 2 rounds…


Let me know what you think..




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